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«Made in Germany» 
since 1919

Handles, closures, reinforcing elements and
special accessories for cardboard packaging

No order is too small, none too big!

Founded in 1919 by Mr. Ernst Kraemer and until 2016 owner-managed company finds its origin in the machinery and fixture construction. In the middle to the end of the 20's, the specialization in the field of tool and mold making was initiated for the plastics processing industry. As plastic injection molding technology progressed, mold making established itself as a globally recognized supplier to this industry.

The era of „plastic processing“ at EKS began in 1964. In order not to become a rival to its own customers in the field of tool and mold making, industrial areas were sought for which no molds had been built until then.

In 1964, the first injection molding tool was built for a carrying handle. This handle, which was designed to make cartons more portable and comfortable, laid the foundation for today's extensive range of handles and accessories for packaging. Our handle EKS 764 was and is so successful that it is still produced today.

With numerous patent and utility model rights and the continuous development of new solutions, a separate operating area was created.

Today, the „packaging technology“ sector, with the main target group "cardboard industry", is the focus of its business activities. The range of handles and accessories for the packaging industry has been gradually expanded in recent decades and has reached an unprecedented level.

For years, customer orders have been fulfilled with customer tools in terms of contract injection molding. In addition to the production of plastic parts made of thermoplastics, the expansion of the range of services also takes into account the wishes for special solutions, special packaging and the assembly of assemblies.

With effect from 01/01/2017, EKS was taken over by the also owner-managed FRÖTEK-Kunststofftechnik GmbH and has since been continued as an independent business unit. Consistently high quality combined with short delivery times ensured that the takeover was invisible to our business partners. Further investments in the location ensure that EKS will remain your No. 1 contact in the future when it comes to carry handles, cardboard reinforcements and fasteners for cardboard packaging.

Thanks to our networking with the FRÖTEK Group of Companies, we can now support you locally in Hungary, Ukraine, China and North America – feel free to contact us if you need it!