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Reusable Heavy Lift Handle
EKS 594.0

  • for cardboard boxes with wall thicknesses from 5 – 7 mm
  • wears out only slightly on outside and inside
  • turnable into the most favourable position from an ergonomic point of view
  • offers free hand access when observing the recommended punching
  • assembled on two opposite sides
  • can be assembled on already closed packages
  • exceptionally quick to assemble, disassembling without destruction
  • reusable
  • made of standard material
  • loadable up to 45 kg in carrying position
Product Data
Pic: 594.0.jpg
  • A=180.0 mm
  • G=39.0 mm
  • B=140.0 mm
  • H=50.0 mm
  • C=92.0 mm
  • J=10.0 mm
  • D=107.0 mm
  • K=7.0 mm
  • F=37.0 mm
Assembly Data
Pic: 594.0.jpg
  • A=50.0 mm
  • B=90.0 mm