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Loop Handle
EKS 887.0

  • to carry and lateral draw bulky packages
  • equipped with a plastic loop and a robust plastic plate
  • its preformed loop provides easy hand access
  • has sturdy barbs allowing the plate to anchor in the cardboard box wall
  • lateral assembly
  • loop can be mounted pendently or upright
  • alternative to loop handles EKS 885.0 and EKS 889.7
  • made of standard material
  • loadable up to 75 kg
Product Data
Pic: 887.0.jpg
  • A=78.0 mm
  • G=120.0 mm
  • B=25.0 mm
  • H=13.0 mm
  • C=104.0 mm
  • J=9.5 mm
  • D=8.9 mm
  • E=6.0 mm
Assembly Data
Pic: 887.0.jpg
  • A=36.0 mm
  • B=10.0 mm
  • C=1.0 mm