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Bayonet Seal Lock
EKS 008.1

  • for detachable connection of several layers of corrugated cardboard
  • always flush at the front, only slightly noticeable on the inside
  • additional security function by using a security pin and seal
  • for connection distances up to 8 mm
  • also available in versions for connection distances of 14 mm, 22 mm and 26 mm
  • reusable
  • assembled by a 90° clockwise rotation all the way to the stop
  • disassembled by a 90° anticlockwise rotation (self explanatory symbols)
  • no mounting space on the rear side required
  • made of standard material
  • also available as Bayonet Lock EKS 008.0 (no security function)
Product Data
Assembly Data
Pic: 008.1.jpg
  • A=50.0 mm
  • D=3.0 mm
  • B=93.0 mm
  • C=27.0 mm