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Clamping Fastener / Lock
EKS 892.0

  • suitable as detachable connection of several layers of corrugated cardboard
  • for locking and making complex packages
  • permits repeated opening and closing
  • useful and sustainable alternative to adhesive tapes
  • facilitates a type-specific separation of packaging materials
  • can be a useful alternative to adhesive tape
  • larger design than clamping fastener EKS 891.0
  • made of standard material
Product Data
Pic: 892.0.jpg
  • A=78.0 mm
  • G=27.5 mm
  • B=67.5 mm
  • H=13.5 mm
  • C=58.0 mm
  • J=8.0 mm
  • D=49.0 mm
  • E=59.0 mm
  • F=39.0 mm
Assembly Data
Pic: 892.0.jpg
  • A=60.0 mm
  • B=40.0 mm
  • C=3.0 mm