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Our Materials

E-K-S uses only high quality materials –
environmentally friendly and 100 % recyclable

Environmental Compatibility

The plastics used by us consist of pure carbon-hydrogen compounds, as they occur in natural production. These plastics are environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable. They burn in garbage incinerators without leaving toxic gases or residues, delivering high quality energy necessary to operate such equipment. In landfills these plastics decay slowly and behave absolutely groundwater neutral. In order to guarantee a sorted material separation our products are marked with the recycling symbol and the plastic name.

Material Settings

Most of our products are made from a standard material. The selection of materials is specific to each item and primarily depends on the intended functionality. Some of our products are available in different material settings. Especially with handles we differentiate between the "soft" and "hard" material version. The "soft" version is to be selected, if a particularly pliable handle is emphasized. The "hard" version is recommended when higher loads come into play. In addition, experience has shown that the seat in the packaging is stronger. Upon request, the choice of material can be tailored to your specific needs.

For some time now, we have also been offering a large number of our products based on BIO-based plastics. Learn more about it here.