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Environmental Responsibility

Handles, closures, reinforcing elements and
special accessories for carton packaging

How We Contribute

Introducing sustainable products can have a positive impact in the long run. As a global supplier of plastic products, every project offers us the opportunity to make a difference. We are constantly introducing sustainable products and modifying existing products to do so. Our goal is to achieve the most efficient balance between resource use and cost-effectiveness while maintaining high technical standards.


  • reduce damage to goods and minimize total resources used
  • extend the life of the packaging material
  • reduce replacement of packaging supplies
  • durable, reusable, recyclable
  • reduce injuries during assembly and in retails environment

Development / Production

  • design every product to be effective, efficient, and sage throughout its life cycle
  • optimize the use of the materials and energy in production and operation
  • meet and exceed market criteria for performance and cost


  • responsible procurement
  • use of recycled materials and bio-degradable additives
  • pursue new and bio-based materials


  • provide clean solutions that minimize waste
  • help our customers improve efficiency and reduce costs
  • open to ideas and methods to reduce environmental footprint


  • assist our customers in identifying opportunities to improve packaging efficiency
  • encourage our customers to develop re-use and recycling programs
  • connect sustainable packaging strategies with existing market needs